Our Vision

For our blockchain solutions to inspire ubiquitous positive environmental change

Our goal to make the process of offsetting carbon fun, engaging, personable and importantly transparent. We are world’s first NFT dedicated to carbon capture and wildlife conservation. The majority of the money you spend on purchasing a Carbon Creature NFT is spent to purchase verified carbon offsets as well as to fund non-profit organisations tasked with ensuring the welfare of our featured endangered creatures and their habitats.

Transparency is a priority. Every NFT directly links to a carbon offset project(s) and a specific endangered Creature.

Carbon Creatures takes advantage of all the work done on carbon measurement, verification, audit and the registration community. All of our carbon offsets have been vetted and registered with either VCS, Gold Standard or the American Carbon Registry.

Most are also certified for certain Sustainable Development Goals allowing you and Carbon Creatures to support communities in protecting their local environment. Refer to our Transparency page.

In the fight against climate change

We believe that everyone must participate!

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